Singer, rapper, songwriter, producer, these are just some of the titles held by multifaceted recording artist ’Jordyn.' His ability to gracefully flow between genres & mediums has earned the attention of music moguls like Berry Gordy, founder of Motown Records. Berry enlisted him as a songwriter/vocal producer in 2015.  Jordyn has since worked with a broad spectrum of artists, from legendary rappers like Twista to powerhouse vocalists like Jordin Sparks & Alex Aiono. His work landed him a spot on Red Bull Music's Songwriter/Artist roster in fall of 2019.

Jordyn grew up in San Diego, California. Adopted into a multi ethnic family, he was exposed to a wide variety of music and culture. "I grew up listening to everything from The Carpenters to The Chronic. Good music is good music, no matter the genre." he explains. His eclectic upbringing has given him the ability to identify the magic in every genre. His unique perspective fused with his love for popular music creates the perfect balance between fresh and familiar.


"My desire as an artist is to make music that transcends culture, that speaks to the core of all people regardless of their age, gender, color or creed." he says. Jordyn is poised to be the next, fresh, and revolutionary musical phenom of this generation.